StatPlanet (formerly StatPlanet Map Maker) is a free, award-winning application for creating fully customizable interactive maps. StatPlanet can be used to visualize location-based statistical data, such as life expectancy by country or demographic statistics and voting patterns by US state. In addition to maps, StatPlanet also has the option of including interactive graphs and charts to create feature-rich interactive infographics. If you wish to use StatPlanet for commercial purposes, please contact us.

Restrictions: StatPlanet comes with only two maps: a world map (country level) and a US map (state level). It also has a limit of 5 indicators. StatPlanet Plus is an advanced version of StatPlanet which supports map importing (such as shapefile maps), has no data limit, and includes many more powerful features and customization options.


Create an interactive map in 5 steps

1. file download icon Download Download StatPlanet and extract the files extract the files to your computer.
2. folder open icon Open In the 'World_map' or 'USA_map' folder, open the file 'StatPlanet data editor'. Make sure macros are enabled
3. database import icon Import Press the 'Clear data' button to remove the example data. Then press the "Import data" button and select a file containing data you wish to import.
4. save icon Save Press the 'Save data' button. This saves the data to the file 'data.csv'.
5. publishing icon Publish Copy the contents of the folder 'web' to your website to publish it online.

Open StatPlanet.exe  to view the results offline, or open StatPlanet.html to view the results in a web-browser.

For further details, see the StatPlanet User Guide (PDF)


Create an interactive map in 5 minutes instructional video


Enable macros in Excel

When you open StatPlanet_Data_Editor.xls you will normally get a message asking you whether you wish to enable macros. The message depends on the version of Excel.
  • Excel 2007 or newer: In the top of the screen, next to 'Security Warning', click the button 'Options'. Select 'Enable this content' and click on 'OK'.
  • Older versions of Excel: Select 'Enable macros' in the popup window.
If you do not receive this message, the macro security level in Excel is set to high. Follow the instructions below to change the security level to a lower setting.
  • Excel 2007 or newer: Click the Microsoft Office Button (top-left) and click Excel Options. In the Popular category, check 'Show Developer tab in the Ribbon' (if it is not already checked). Click on 'OK', then select the Developer tab. Click on 'Macro security' (on the left). Select 'Disable all macros with notification'.
  • Older versions of Excel: In the Tools menu, go to -> Macro -> Security. Change the security level to Medium.



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