World Stats Interactive Maps - Index

Icon category listThis index lists over 400 interactive world maps covering areas such as health, education, drugs & crime, economy, environment, gender and population for all countries.




Most popular interactive maps

  1. Time animation of ebola deaths in West Africa and DR Congo, interactive map
  2. Language distribution map - official or first language
  3. University rankings map - Where are the world's top universities?
  4. Alcohol consumption per capita
  5. Life expectancy map - total, female and male
  6. Reading, math and science scores for 69 countries - Programme for International Student Assessment (OECD/PISA)
  7. Quality of living - world's most liveable cities map
  8. Human development index (HDI)
  9. GDP based on PPP per capita
  10. Population
  11. Fertility rate, total (births per woman)

Sports interactive maps:

  1. FIFA football rankings map | ELO ranking alternative
  2. Chess country and player rankings map (FIDE)
  3. Olympic all-time medal count map
  4. 2014 Winter Olympics Medals Map (Sochi)
  5. 2012 London Summer Olympics medals map


Digital Divide & ICT

    >Mobile and Telephone

    >Internet subscribers

    Drugs & Crime


      >Homicide rates

      >Thefts and robbery

      Economy & Development



        >GDP and GDP growth


        >Human Development Index (HDI)


        >Poverty and Aid

        >Research and Development




          >Education system


          >Gender equity

          >School life expectancy

          >Progression rates

            >>Repetition rates

            >>Survival rates

            >>Transition rates


            >Tertiary Education Enrolment

            >Tertiary Education Fields

            >Quality of Education - All international studies

            >Quality of Education - OECD (15 year olds)

              >>Computers at home

              >>Pupil Achievement Reading, Math, Science

              >>Socio-Economic Indicators

              >Quality of Education - South & East Africa (Grade 6)

                >>Pupil Achievement Math & Reading

                >>Pupil Achievement Math Levels

                >>Pupil Achievement Reading Levels

                >>Pupil Achievement - Rural / Urban

                >>Pupil Characteristics

                >>Pupil Language

                >>Pupil Socio-Economic Indicators

                >>Pupil Textbook Ownership

                >>School Conditions

                >>School Resources

                >>Teacher Achievement

                >Quality of Education - Latin America (Grades 3 & 6)

                  >>Pupil Achievement Grade 3 - Math

                  >>Pupil Achievement Grade 3 - Reading

                  >>Pupil Achievement Grade 6 - Math

                  >>Pupil Achievement Grade 6 - Reading

                  >>Pupil Achievement Grade 6 - Science

                  >Quality of education - TIMSS


                    >Carbon dioxide emissions

                    >Electricity and energy use

                    >Elevation extremes

                    >Energy sources

                    >Forest area

                    >Waste (OECD)


                      >Gender empowerment

                      >Occupation and Income


                        >Alcohol consumption

                        >Causes of deaths among children under 5 years

                        >Children low birthweight & undernutrition

                        >Expenditure on Health

                        >HIV and AIDS

                        >Immunization of one-year-olds

                        >Mortality rates

                        >Road safety and transportation

                        >Tobacco policies

                        >Tobacco usage among adults

                        >Water and Sanitation


                          >Language distribution

                          >Language diversity



                              >>African Union member states


                                >>European Union member states

                                >>Growth of the European Union


                                  >>Democracy Index

                                  >>Commonwealth of Nations


                                  >>OECD member states

                                  >>System of government


                                    >Life expectancy


                                    >Population - Age