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StatPlanet - mapping software

  • Web-based and desktop software for visualizing spatial data through interactive maps, graphs & charts. See also the free maps section and the release notes.


v.3.0 (17 Feb 2012)

Free software for creating fully customizable interactive world and USA maps, both for desktop use or to publish on the web. StatPlanet has a limit of 5 indicators. Read more

StatPlanet Plus

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v 3.21 (25 Sept 2014)

Advanced version of StatPlanet with support for ESRI shapefile maps, custom Flash maps, large datasets, additional graph types and other features. The desktop version is free for non-commercial use. Read more

StatPlanet Lite

v 1.0 (14 Dec 2011)

Lightweight version of StatPlanet without the graphs and charts and a 1 indicator limit. Read more


StatTrends - visualization software

  • Web-based and desktop software for visualizing any kind of data through interactive graphs and charts. See also the release notes.


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v 2.0 (7 Dec 2013)

Create interactive graphs and charts (limit of 6 indicators).

StatTrends Plus

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v 2.0 (7 Dec 2013)

Advanced version of StatTrends with support for large data sets and other features.


Explore world stats

  • Software for exploring world stats through interactive visualizations from various international organizations, including UNDP, UNESCO, UNICEF, WHO and the World Bank.


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Desktop and web-based version of StatPlanet with over 300 world stats on economy, health, education, gender, population and more. Free educational software.

World Bank

Explore Explore world stats (3000+ indicators) through the World Bank's Open Data Intiative - first prize winner in the World Bank Apps for Development competition. Loading times are longer than in StatWorld, because data is retrieved live from the World Bank database.

*Instructions for opening and extracting the files.



Data integration software

StatPlanet Data Editor


The StatPlanet Data Editor is an open source Excel-based tool with macros for automatically importing and integrating data from different sources. It can automatically detect different data structures and recognizes a wide variety of country name spellings. Although optimized for country data, the names in the sheet 'import names' can be modified to import data for any kind of variable or map area. The StatPlanet Data Editor comes included with StatPlanet and StatTrends.


StatPlanet and StatTrends are available in Bahasa Indonesia, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese. The language can be set in the StatPlanet Data Editor - for more details please see the User Guide.

StatPlanet Plus and StatTrends Plus also have support for international character sets (such as Arabic and Chinese).




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