Visualization Software

StatPlanet - Create Interactive Maps & Graphs

Create fully customizable, feature rich interactive maps & graphs and publish them online.The award-winning StatPlanet is a free download.

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StatPlanet Plus - Create Interactive Maps & Graphs

StatPlanet Plus supports shapefile maps, large data sets, custom logo embedding, and many other additional features compared to the standard edition of StatPlanet.

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StatPlanet Lite

Create straightforward interactive maps without the bells and whistles. Supports ESRI shapefile maps and animation over time. Free download.

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Create fully customizable interactive and animated bar charts, time series and scatter plots. Free download.

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Download free shapefile maps

StatPlanet Plus and StatPlanet Lite support the widely used ESRI shapefile map format. Download free shapefile maps to embed in StatPlanet.

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Create Flash Maps

Use the Flash template in StatPlanet or StatPlanet Plus to design your own maps

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Download Interactive USA map

Besides the world map, the USA map is also included in all versions of StatPlanet.

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Create interactive maps and visualizations with your data

LaptopStatSilk offers a range of web-based and desktop software to create maps and visualizations with your data. Our software has a common purpose: to make data analysis easy, efficient and enjoyable. We firmly believe that software should adapt to your needs, and not the other way around.

Try out the award-winning StatPlanet software to create interactive maps and graphs which can be easily integrated into your website.
Or have a look at the software overview to find out which software best suits your needs.


GlobeOur clients include OECD, the European Commission, the World Bank, Global 500 companies such as Dell, General Electric and Samsung, educational institutions, government agencies such as the USA Dep. of Homeland Security, and many UN organizations. To see how some of these organizations are using StatSilk software, check out our featured examples.

In the press

"This easy-to-use tool has helped everyone from the UN to Dell realise that evidence-based decision-making can be a pleasure, not a chore." - Google Magazine Think Quarterly 

"EdStats' use of StatPlanet helps bring World Bank education data into the modern age" - World Bank Blog

"Wow. StatPlanet is an incredibly powerful dataviz tool. Choose an indicator, a time range & press play" - MobileActive
"StatPlanet lets people explore more than 3,000 World Bank economic indicators with interactive maps and graphics." - New York Times
"The clearest and most usable dissemination tool I have ever seen, by a long way." - PRISM Stats