Step 1. Download StatPlanet: PC | Mac

Step 2. Extract the ZIP file

The software does not require installation. The ZIP file just needs to be extracted onto your computer. The easiest way to extract the ZIP file is to copy it to the desired location, for example the desktop or the Documents folder. Once it is in the desired location, right-click the downloaded ZIP file and select “Extract All”. If you are using a Mac, the procedure is right-click -> Open With -> Archive Utility.

  • Important: Do not copy the software into the Program Files folder, because the software can be prevented from writing files in this folder.

Step 3. Select an edition

There are three editions and corresponding folders in the StatPlanet download:

For more details, see: StatPlanet editions

Step 4. Import a map

  • If you are using the Shapefile Map edition, please see the Quick Start guide, section "Import a map".

Otherwise, continue directly to Step 5 below.

Step 5. Import data

Data can be imported automatically using the Excel-based StatPlanet Data Editor. This file consists of several sheets, the most important one being the sheet ‘Import’ which will contain all your data. Please see the Quick Start guide, section "Importing data" for details. See also the example source data file, which is a country-level example of how you could structure your data file for automatic importing. This example file contains data for multiple categories of data - one category in each Excel sheet - and within each sheet, there is data for multiple countries, years, and indicators.

Step 6. Save data

In the sheet ‘Import’, press the button at the top ‘Save data’. Data is saved to the files data.csv (for the data) and settings.csv (for the settings). These files can also be edited directly in Excel.

Step 7. View / Publish the results

To view the results in the desktop version, open/double-click the file ‘StatPlanet’. A web-based version is also included in the sub-folder ‘web’ - select ‘StatPlanet.html’ to view it. However, we recommend the new mobile-friendly version StatPlanet Cloud for publishing online. 

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