The following add-on modules are available for StatPlanet Desktop. Please contact us for more information about available modules, price details, or for a quotation for a custom solution.


Composite Indicators module

  • Description: ​Create composite indicators (composite indices) on-the-fly with customizable indicator weights. Combining indicators is useful for ranking performance in areas such as competitiveness, sustainable development, globalization, innovation and security. Supported normalisation methods are min-max, ranking, reversed ranking and distance to a reference value, which can be set separately for each indicator. The resulting composite indicators can be visualized within StatPlanet or StatTrends just like any other indicator, as well as exported (through the 'export icon') and shared (through the 'share link' icon) in the bottom-left corner of the screen. 
  • Cost: 400 USD
  • Demo and links:

Data Encryption module

  • ​Description: The Data Encryption module enables you to password-protect your data files, ensuring that only authorized users can access them through StatPlanet or StatTrends. The data files can be encrypted with a password of your choosing using the StatPlanet Data Encyption application. StatPlanet/StatTrends when launched will prompt the user to enter the password, and use the provided password to decrypt the data file. To further ensure the security of the data, neither the password itself nor a mathematical representation of the password is stored anywhere (not by the StatPlanet Data Encyption application, nor within the data file, nor within the StatPlanet/StatTrends software). The validity of the password is instead detected by validating the decrypted data itself.
    The data is encrypted using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) which is used globally to encrypt sensitive data. It was approved by the US government as secure enough to protect classified information. Please note that the security of the encrypted data depends on the length and complexity of the chosen password. Please also note that there is an approximate size limit for a data file which is to be encrypted. The limit is around 250,000 data fields (equivalent to 250 columns and 1000 rows, or 500 columns and 500 rows). Beyond this limit, the application may be unable to decrypt the data due to the high processing requirements for decrypting large data files. For more details, please see the Data Encryption Guide.
  • Cost: 250 USD

Export logo

  • ​Description: Embed a custom logo in the bottom-right corner of the exported map or graph.
  • Cost: 75 USD

Google Analytics module

  • ​Description: Track user clicks (indicators/variables as well as countries/map areas) through a Google Analytics account. 
    Cost: 100 USD

Scatter Plot Correlation module

  • ​Description: Display Pearson correlation coefficient for each scatter plot.
  • Cost: 100 USD

Multiple Indicators Graph module

  • ​Description: Display and analyze multiple indicators over time for a particular map area or variable (the indicators would need to be within the same category). To activate this graph type, click on the multiple indicator icon in the graph panel (the icon shown below). Then select a map area. Clicking on an indicator name in the graph panel will remove it from the graph. To add it back again, select the indicator from the indicator panel, or click twice on the icon shown on the left (to reset the graph).
  • Cost: 150 USD
  • Demo:
    Graph Multiple Indicators Icon
    View the demo in StatWorld (click the icon displayed on the left, which can be found in the top of the graph panel)


Multiple Indicators Stacked Area Chart module

  • ​Description: Display the cumulated totals of indicators over time for the selected map area, visualized as a stacked area chart. To activate this graph type, click on the stacked area icon in the graph panel (the icon shown below).
  • Cost: 150 USD 
    Stacked Area Chart Icon


Graph Log module

  • Description: ​Add an option to convert the graph axis to a logarithmic scale, for all graph types, via a button in the graph panel.
  • Cost: 100 USD

Multiple Map Layers module (StatPlanet only)

  • Description: Add an option to overlay one or two shapefile map layers on top of the main interactive map layer. This may be useful for example to display politically sensitive boundaries, or certain features such as lakes. The additional map layers are 'static maps' unlike the main 'interactive' map layer. The color for each layer can be set in the StatPlanet Data Editor. 
  • Cost: 200 USD
  • Demo:

International Language Fonts module

  • ​Description: If you wish to display a language using a non-Latin script in StatPlanet such as Cyrillic, Hindi, Korean, Mandarin Chinese or Telugu, you would need to purchase this add-on module which adds special text formatting capabilities to StatPlanet (increasing the file size by around 100 kb). Arabic and Greek are exceptions and do not require this add-on. Please note that right-to-left fonts are currently not supported. Please contact us for details. You can provide your own font file.
  • Cost: 150 USD

Map Popup module

  • Description: This module enables you to display a bulleted list of links via either a live RSS feed or through an XML file. The RSS feed or XML file can be specified separately for each map area, and will appear on single or double click. The popup consists of a single header or title, and a scrollable list of links. See also: example XML file with title and links.
  • Cost: 150 USD
  • Demo:

Splash Screen module

  • ​Description: Customize the splash screen (loading screen) by adding logos or images and custom text. The splash screen template allows the positioning of text and images anywhere in the loading screen, and text can be formatting (using HTML tags). An optional 'start' button can be added to pause the screen, so users can read the text prior to launching the application. This option is currently not available for the desktop versions.
  • Cost: This one is free with StatPlanet Cloud. StatPlanet desktop does not have the option of a splash screen, except to include a custom logo for the commercial/licensed version.

Custom solutions

If you need a custom solution to be implemented, please contact us. Many of the modules on this page were originally custom solutions implemented for clients, and many of the default functionalities in StatPlanet and StatPlanet Plus are also the result of client-specific developments.

Please note that custom developed solutions are often included in future versions of StatPlanet/StatTrends to benefit other users. See also the StatSilk Business Model for more details.