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How to remove "For teting purpose only" label in web version of StatPlanet

Greetings everybody,
How can I remove "For testing purpose only" label in web version StatPlanet. It is visible above the map region of statplanet.html in server. It was not visible in local StatPlanet. exe file.
It will be a great help for me,
Thanks in advance,

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Dear Nishadh,
StatPlanet Plus requires a license for the web version, the desktop version is free for non-commercial use.
For license costs please see:
And license terms:
You can also look into StatPlanet, which is free and hence has no 'testing purposes' message.

Hi I'm confused by the difference between StatPlanet and StatPlanet plus.

I downloaded the free version of StatPlanet a while ago- and have published maps to my website previously with no problem. However I have just tried to upload a new one, and I am getting the 'for testing purposes only' message accross the map.

Can you tell me why this is and how to get rid of it?

Thanks in advance for your help,


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Hi Helen,

StatPlanet Plus has become StatPlanet, so the original free StatPlanet is no longer available for download. The desktop version of StatPlanet is still free for non-commercial use, but a license purchase is required for online publication. We now also have a new product 'StatPlanet Cloud', for more details please see: https://www.statsilk.com/software/statsilk-software-pricing-feature-comp...

Best, Frank

The link that I was give when we purchased Stat Planet Web...still contains the "For testing purposes only." How do I remove this?

How do we remove the StatPlanet logo with our company logo?

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Hi Carol,

The testing purposes message disappears once it is published on your website (to which it was licensed). The StatPlanet logo in the bottom-right corner of the application can be replaced by going to the StatPlanet Data Editor, sheet 'settings', and finding the variable 'LOGO-N' near the bottom. Here you can indicate the name of your logo image file.

I hope that helps,


This is very helpful!
Thank you!

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Glad to be of help!