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StatPlanet Cloud StatPlanet Desktop
Platforms supported Cross-platform
(including PC, Mac, Android, iOS)
PC & Mac
Web or desktop Runs inside a web-browser Desktop, no installation required
Visualization types 10 visualization types,
including maps
6 visualization types,
including maps
Data management Excel-based Data Manager, XML or SDMX Excel-based Data Manager
Hosting Self-hosted, cloud-hosted,
or a hybrid of the two
Automated data importing yes yes
API yes -
Runs on smartphones and tablets yes -
Flexible, drag-and-drop layout yes -





StatPlanet Cloud StatPlanet Desktop

From 495 USD per year, unlimited users
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Commercial From 595 USD per year, unlimited users
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From 695 USD, depending on the number of users (one-time cost, excluding add-on modules)





StatPlanet Cloud StatPlanet Desktop
Map format GeoJSON Shapefile
Map projections yes -
Quantitative maps yes yes
Categorical maps yes yes
Customizable map popups No yes
Point (dot) maps No yes
Proportional symbol maps No yes
Multi-layer maps No yes





StatPlanet Cloud StatPlanet Desktop
Bar & column chart yes yes
Time series (line) chart yes yes
Scatter plot yes yes
Bubble chart yes yes
Multiple indicator time series yes Add-on
Multiple indicator stacked area yes Add-on
Line & column time series graph yes -
Line & mark chart comparing any two time points yes -
Graph benchmarks No yes
Time range & selection options yes -





StatPlanet Cloud StatPlanet Desktop
Export formats PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG, CSV, XLS PNG, JPG, CSV
Fuzzy search for indicators yes Regular search only
Language: support for right-to-left scripts such as Arabic yes -
Multidimensional tables On request yes
Time slider customizable selection yes -
Storytelling (integrate text or web-pages) yes yes
Interactive storytelling yes -
Support for XML and SDMX API queries Contact us -
Add-on modules - Available at additional cost
Branding / logo integration yes yes
Share link to visualization yes -