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Loading data from a database

Dear Frank

I'm learning about Loading data from a database. As far as I know it isn't difficult to understand the format in html file. But, why Category 'name' cannot be displayed in Maps and only indicators are diplayed??


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Dear Eko,

I assume you are using the older version of StatPlanet. Indeed there is no support for categories if you load data from a database. The new StatPlanet, StatPlanet Cloud (https://www.statsilk.com/software/statplanet-cloud) supports SDMX, an international standard for data exchange by international organizations. It is essentially a specific type of XML format (SDMX-ML). StatPlanet Cloud can make calls to a database API and read the output if it is returned in this format, and it support categories. For example, see:https://www.statsilk.com/ecar/, and for more on SDMX: https://www.statsilk.com/blog/using-sdmx-create-automated-data-visualiza....

So perhaps this is another option for loading data from a database, if it can output data in this format.