Download interactive world map

Different versions of the interactive world map can be downloaded, as it comes bundled with StatPlanet, StatPlanet Lite and StatPlanet Plus. The example below is the world map bundled with StatPlanet. For a more basic world map without the graphs and charts, see StatPlanet Lite. For a more advanced version, see StatPlanet Plus.

Regional maps: For a map of a particular region such as Sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe or South Asia, you would need to set this as the startup region in the StatPlanet Data Editor. A number of regions are already included. To edit a region or create your own region, see the Excel sheet 'Map regions' in the StatPlanet Data Editor. For more information on how to do this, please see the included User Guide.

Other maps: To download maps at other administrative levels, such as country, regional or district maps, you would need to download the corresponding shapefile map. See download free shapefile maps for more information.