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((urgent)) the html file won't opened

dear you,
sorry for asking another question. this is my first time using this, and none of my friend was ever used it before. so i don't know whoelse to ask.
however, my map is just fine. i fixed the other problem before. but now the html code won't opened.
it keeps saying
ERROR 2: The following map region(s) / name(s) in data.csv could not be found in map.swf:
how could it possible? while the flash file is fine.
help me, please :(

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The error is exactly as it says, the region 'sumur' cannot be found in the map file. Please note that this is the 'instance name' (not the name in the library). It may be there but misspelled.

its solved yet :)
i copied the .swf file outside the folder web into :)

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Great, thanks for the update.