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Uploading new icons on StatPlanet

Hello Everyone

In the past week I've been trying to upload new icons on stat planet, instead of the default circle available by clicking on the map symbol option.

Still my new icons don't look sharp, they usually pixilate when they are bigger. A friend of mine told me to vectorize the icons, which is a good idea, excep that I don't really know if Stat Planet can read SVG images, or if it only reads SWF.

Does anyone already tried doint it? Any help would be great!

Thanks guys 

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Hi Tiago,
You would just need to ensure that the SWF contains a vector icon. If you import a vector image in Adobe Flash (or Adobe Illustrator, or Inkscape, whichever software you use to create the SWF) and then save as SWF, it will be a vector and will not be pixelated. SWF can either be vector or bitmap, it depends on the image you insert/import. Just google 'vector icons' for some examples, they often come in Adobe Illustrator format. I hope that helps.

Hello Frank!

I followedy our advice, it seems that Inkscape doesn't convert files into SWF, so I downloaded a Free Trial Version of Adobe Illustrator and the icons look perfect on Stat Planet! Thank you for your tips, I will send you a screen shot in case you want to use it in the website.


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Hi Tiago,
Glad to hear it worked. Inkscape supports SWF through the SWF plugin, though I have never  tested this. If needed, the plugin can be found here: http://technoargia.free.fr/swftools/