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Trial of shapefile statplanet map on web not working. Error reads not able to load map/map.shp


This is a general question to try and troubleshoot statplanet trial on our server. When I load the html file from my desktop it opens fine and has a FOR TESTING PURPOSES ONLY box over the map. When I copy same web folder to the server location it starts to load with the statplanet splash screen but then I get an "unable to load map/map.shp" error message on the screen below the logo. We are looking to make sure that everything co-operates on the server before we purchase the licence. Is this error likely to have something to do with not having purchased a licence yet or is it an error at our end...

Loaded question I know :)


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Hi James,

The unlicensed version is fully functional. It sounds like it cannot find the map files - you can find the potential solution here: http://www.statsilk.com/support/faq#error-online

I hope that will help resolve it.