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Time Slider Pointer

I am currently using StatPlanet for an assignment and have encountered a small issue with its time slider feature. The pointer on the time slider fails to reset to the latest year of the currently selected indicator and remains stuck at the latest year of the previous indicator. For example, say there are 2 indicators spread across different time spreads - indicator A till 2012 and indicator B till 2014. On selecting A, the time slider pointer correctly points the latest year 2012. However, on further selecting B, the pointer fails to point to the latest year - 2014 in this case and remains fixed at 2012.

Any suggestions on solving this issue would be greatly appreciated.


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StatPlanet will not automatically switch to the year with data in it if the indicators are in the same category. However, it should do so if they are in different categories. For this you would need to use StatPlanet Plus - if you are not already using StatPlanet Plus (which includes an example of a category structure).

To make it easier to navigate from one category to another, you can display categories in a topmenu. To do, you need to go to the sheet 'settings' in the StatPlanet Data Editor, find the variable 'TOPMENU' (in row 16) and set it to TRUE.

I hope that helps,