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StatPlanet Background Problem

I am using a Sitefinity website to load StatPlanet. When StatPlanet opens it has a dark grey background. It takes several mouse clicks before the grey background fades out and the map appears. When zooming into a custom region, the grey background does not fade out, so you are looking at the map through a grey screen. Is there some way to remove the background fade-in feature entirely? Or a way to fix this problem?

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Hi Pat,

That is unusual, it must something specific to how it is loaded in Sitefinity. If you would be able to post or e-mail the link to where this problem occurs that would be useful. Many thanks.




Here is the link to the test page that goes to the StatPlanet map.

The files are loaded in the File Manager (where the Sitefinity system files are located). When you load a flash file into Sitefinity it looks for a folder called Files in this location. I am not sure if you are Frank van Cappelle. If so, I sent a screen shot of the file structure in Sitefinity to you in response to your message of November 6.

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<resolved via e-mail>

Hi Frank,
I want to set the map colors to deverging as default view. When I load the web based map the map colors are set as sequential. Can you help me out to set these colors to diverging as the default view for web based maps.

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For setting the map legend colors, please see the following section of the user guide to set them at the indicator level:


For setting the default colors for all indicators, please see the StatPlanet Data Editor, sheet 'settings', variable MAP-CLR0 onwards to set the colors. For color schemes and color codes, please see http://colorbrewer2.org/

If you need more details just let me know.