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Shapefile Maps

I Have: US map divided into 50 states in shapefile (Free download).
I need: US map divided in 5 zones in shapefile.
for: a statistics project I am doing for my professor.
Any help/ guidance will be highly appreciated.

Zone East: all east coast states
Zone West: all west coast states
Zone South: Texas + Few others
Zone Midwest:
Zone Mountain time zone:

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StatSilk does not generally provide the maps themselves, only the software, but the maps can generally be found online via other websites. The format required is the 'shapefile format' (.SHP), and some of the best mapping resources where one can find free maps are listed here: http://www.statsilk.com/maps/download-free-shapefile-maps. See also the following for more details: http://www.statsilk.com/support/faq#looking-for-shapefile-map

If the map you require doesn't 'exist' anywhere, I would recommend checking on a mapping forum such as http://www.cartotalk.com/ if anyone can help. You could also use ArcGIS to create such a map yourself,

In StatPlanet you can group US states together - an example was sent to you via e-mail - by replacing the state name with your region name in the sheet 'Import' of the StatPlanet Data Editor. This will group them in StatPlanet, but the result may not be as you require.