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Run-Time Error 438

Hi Frank,
I am using a mac, just installed Microsoft Office 2011 for mac, and am using StatPlanet Plus.
When I open the data editor in the world map folder, I get a message that the document is read-only (after a few clicks a message saying I can now edit the document pops up). I have been able to use the "clear data" button without trouble, but when I try to save the changes I have made by clicking the "save data" button, I get a message saying "Run-time error 438 - Object does not support this property or method." My only options then are to click "End," "debug," and "help," not "continue."
Any suggestions?

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Hi L,
If the file is read-only, did you unzip the files to a location which has write permissions? Regarding the error message, it would be helpful if you could click on 'debug' and then note which line of code is highlighted by the debugger (as well as the line / column number displayed somewhere in the top of the screen, if possible). Many thanks.