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Regional hierarchy + Removing region with no data


Two of the regions included in the shapefile have no data. Can I remove these locations from the "Regions" section of the StatPlanet interface? I could just leave them in the data editor without any associated data, but I don't want them to show up as options in the dropdown region menu?

StatSilk Response:

Regarding "map regions", you can freely edit/add/remove any map regions in the sheet 'Map regions' in the StatPlanet Data Editor. So yes you can just remove them here, removing them in this sheet doesn't affect anything. Also, if you want to create a hierarchical menu of regions it is possible as follows, under 'MAP / REGION NAME':

My parent region
> Region 1 which falls under parent region
> Region 2 which falls under parent region


Sub-regions - Americas
>Caribbean 1046.1 708.8 55.3 AIA ATG ABW BHS
>Central America 1046.1 708.8 55.3 BLZ CRI SLV GTM
>South America 1046.1 708.8 55.3 ARG BOL BRA CHL