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Question about the trendline labels

If i use other values than years in the time attribute the trendline wont display all the labels when i highlight it (only the last label on the right is displayed).
I studied the demo in the World_map folder and its the same with the quarters, only shows the last label.
Ive noticed that it only works on the USA_map demo.
Do they have different settings and what do i have to change if thats the case.

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Yes you are right this is a known issue in StatPlanet Plus - where non-year values do not always display on mouse-over. This was resolved some time ago, but only for the the licensed version which can be purchased, as well as the free USA version as you discovered. A new version will be released very soon where this issue has been fixed in all versions of StatPlanet, including the free / non-commercial versions. 

Thank you for the information, have a good day.