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Purchasing license for web version of StatPlanet

I downloaded StatPlanet app and added my own data to it. Now I would like to publish it on website. Now, when I am on "Purchase tab" shall I choose only the version (web version) field? I do not need StatPlanet Plus with world or USA map. Or this is a whole package - StatPlanet Plus and web license?

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Yes you only need to select the web option, but you would also need to indicate the edition required (e.g. Shapefile map) as each edition is an extra cost (see also http://statsilk.com/software/statplanet-plus#editions for information regarding the editions).

I hope that answers your question.



Dear Statplanet support
we have plan to buy statplanet plus or commercial include add on for upgrade, but when i saw a payment mechanism that a payment through bank tansfer or cedit card. in case if i will tansfe bank tansfer what is the name of the bank?, and also what the feature if i'm buying statplanet plus. please fast response for you

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