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Problem visualizing the map


First of all thank you very much for making this tool OpenSource and available to everyone! I am new to StatPlanet and I have to admit that from the very beginning I am having some trouble to use it, especially because it seems to me it is quite "browser/version" dependent.

Let me give you some examples:
When I download your examples, of the world and of USA, I can see without any problems with Microsoft Edge.

I created a map of the Sahel, starting from the ESRI Shape files. I followed the instructions you provided on the User Guide to load it on the excel. When I tried to open it with Microsoft Edge (2019 version), it did not work. The error displayed was "Invalid ID in map/map.txt".

After that I realized I could tweak Firefox with the privacy setting to use it, and I could circumvent the previous problem.

I created a new map of the African continent containing the Sahel region. I can display it on Firefox, however when I click on the "+" arrow to zoom in, the map disappears.
I sent the map to a collegue who uses Microsoft Edge version 44.17763.831.0 2018. In the excel spreadsheet, he changed the settings "Allow zoom in with mouse wheel". Afterwards it worked and he could zoom-in.

I did the same, however it still doesn't work on firefox.

Could you please help me out?



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Dear Federico,

Apologies for the late response (due to COVID related emergency work). Sorry to hear about the issue, that sounds unusual and couldn't be replicated with testing. You can also define regions as described in the Quick Start guide, so rather than requiring use of the zoom buttons you click on the 'region menu' (panel which lists map areas in the left) and select the region to zoom into. That may be a solution if you are still facing this problem.

Best regards, StatSilk