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Problem with scatter plot

i'm having a problem with the scatter plot graph. There is a strange time indicator showing up in the graph wich ruins the animation of the graph. It is showing the date but it is not corrisponding to the one ine time line. How can i get rid of it?
here the images


Thanks in advanced!

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Sorry to hear about this issue. This particular dropdown is only for if you wish to have a different time unit selected for the x and y indicators, otherwise it is not necessary to use it. It should only appear when you click on the dropdown - is that the case? As for the strange formatting - StatTrends expects either 'years only' or 'non-years' (e.g. months/quarters) as the input. In your case the date format used is not recognized - changing the format to e.g. 26 Feb 2012 etc. may thus resolve this issue. If not, feel free to send an e-mail support request - http://www.statsilk.com/contact - if you could share your files, so that this could be looked at in more detail.