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Problem with region spesific links

We are using StatPlanet with commercial web licence in our institution. Recently I tried to assign links to the regions of the map using the method described in the User_Guide_StatPlanet.pdf on page 23, the section titled as “Country/region specific information and/or links”.
Our problem is as follows:
·         I press the “Save Data” button and close the file after the macro ends.
·         I run the StatPlanet.exe file which is at the same folder with the data editor file and everything works perfectly, region spesific links are directed to PDF files as expected.
·         I enter the “web” folder and open the StatPlanet.html file, nothing happens when I click on a region.
·         I also opened the StatPlanet.swf file with Chrome and Internet Explorer and the problem persisted.
·         Note that, when I run the StatPlanet.swf with Gom Player (a freeware video player which can play SWF files) the links to the pdf files worked also in this application.
What should be the problem and am I doing anything wrong?

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This feature does not work in the offline web version due to a Flash security restriction; you would therefore need to publish the files online for this feature to become functional.

I had already uploaded the PDF files to the server and I believe I also tried with the online site, to no avail though. I can not try again with the online version now because of the following:
Our online version of the map does not run for some time, gives a non responsive Shockwave Flash error. We had not change anything at all but a few days ago I was informed that the map did not load. I tried to upload the data.csv and settings.csv again but that did not solve the problem.
Could you please check this URL: http://ekonomi.isbank.com.tr/StatPlanetTR/haritaTR.html
I can also send you the whole archive in the server via email, if that would be of any help. Our IT people could not get around the problem and suggested that we consult directly with your party.

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Hi Ozgur,
If the StatPlanet files are unchanged and it used to work before, it might be resolved through the following steps:
1. ZIP the data.csv file (producing 'data.zip'). 
2. Upload the data.zip file to the webserver in the same location as the data.csv file.
This could resolve the issue if the cause is the server configuration. I hope it resolves it, if not it would be useful to receive a copy of the archive as you suggest.
Best wishes,

Hi Frank,
Unfortunately due to back-office restrictions, I can only upload CSV files to the related location on the server. But I will check if I can find a workaround with the IT.
In case this doesn't solve the problem, should I contact you from -- to send the archive?

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Hi Ozgur,
Yes please feel free to contact me on the mentioned e-mail address if you cannot resolve the issue.