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Perpetual Excel error messages when importing data

When I start to manipulate the data editor things move along smoothly. I am able to save and display my data. However, seemingly at random, I get the following error message "Excel found unreadable content in "StatPlanet_data_editor.xlsm". Once this occurs, and my Excel sheet is "repaired" is a virtual point of no return. Once I receive this error message once, I am unable to import data and get a Microsoft Visual Basic "Run-time error '9' - subscript out of range.

Any ideas?

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This is the first time I hear of this, but it sounds more like a problem with Excel than with the StatPlanet Data Editor in particular. Which version of Excel are you using? Are you saving the Excel on a network drive, or a shared folder (e.g. DropBox)? If possible I would recommend reverting to the original StatPlanet Data Editor (downloading it again from the site if necessary). Then it might help to use the files on your hard-drive, if previously it was on a shared or network folder.

One alternative solution I found online to fix the issue - though I cannot vouch for whether it works - is: "Go the the file in Windows Explorer, right-click on the file, select Properties and at the bottom there's an area called Security, click on Unblock."

I'd also recommend making frequent backup copies of the file.



Thanks Frank. We actually reverted to using Excel 2007 (we were using Excel 2010) and things have progressed smoothly ever since.

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Thanks for the update, glad to hear it works now (though odd that Excel 2010 caused problems).