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Periods of several years

Hi Frank,
I know you have addressed the question about how to handle monthly or quarterly data, but is there anyway to include data that covers multiple years? For instance, if I have an indicator that covers the period from 2003 to 2006, can StatPlanet handle that as a block of time or else represent every year in that period as the same number? Or can it not process this in any way?
Thanks in advance!

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Hi L,
Please feel free to use any unit in the TIME column (it doesn't even have to be time-based). StatPlanet will just handle it as a 'block of time'. 

Thanks, Frank. A follow-up question:
If I have some data that is yearly (2003, 2004, etc) and some that is in time "blocks" (2003-2004, 2003-2010) for the same indicator, how will the program reflect this on the time slider? Can the slider somehow show time blocks and individual years a the same time?
Thanks again,

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Sure you can display both time-blocks and individual years. However, to determine where the data contains 'years', it looks at the very first date for a category. If this is a year, it will treat everything as a year and time-blocks might show up in a strange way (you could try it out to see what happens). If the first date is not a year, it will treat all of them as a regular 'variable' so simply show them in order. It is recommended that when mixed dates are used it is not treated as a 'year', and thus the first date in the series should not be a year. You can trick the software to think it is not a year by adding a character after the year, e.g. 2010 followed by a dot (.).