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Minimum graph scales for the time series graph

How we can set the minimum graph scales for the time series graph to be zero in StatTrends pluv v3.1. I tried to put mn=[0] in “GRAPH” column but it's not working with time series graphs.
Is there any ew versions of  StatTrends pluv and Shapefile_map_(ESRI) Plus after V3.1?
Many thanks,. 

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Sorry the range cannot be set for the time series, because the time series updates dynamically according to the map areas or variables selected - therefore the axis is not fixed as with the other charts.
The latest version of StatPlanet is v 3.4 - for details please see http://statsilk.com/timeline-and-release-notes#2015
There is also an HTML5 version being developed, for more details please see: www.statsilk.com/software/statplanet-html5