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Map Problem

Good day,

I intend to eventually use Statplanet Cloud on a website. I hope to eventually use it to build up a picture of yearly health related data in Nigeria on a website. (Government / World Bank project).

I have got to grips with the basics of how it works, however I cant get BOTH my map and data to co exist.

I followed the guide and created a simplified geoJSON file from the downloaded shape files (for Nigeria) from your site.

I tested it with the world example file and my map showed up fine sitting alongside the sample data.

I then created a folder (by duplicating and renaming the world example) and followed the same steps to get the map ready.

I then followed the instuctions using the data manager, successfully executed the setup map and import data steps and saved my data.

The statplanet cloud.html opened but displayed no map and no data. I sleuthed around and noticed that the Map ID was absent in the settings sheet in the data manager (it just said 'ID'). By trial and error I found an ID (iso-a3) by examining some of the example files. I inserted it in the data manager and saved my data again. Now opening statplanet cloud.html still displays no map, but it shows the correct Category label (top left) and list of regions from Nigeria (right hand side).

Im tantalisingly close!! Please help. 

Also, once I get this to work and am ready to put it on the website, which licence will I require?

Many thanks for your help.


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Dear Ola,

When running setup map, it should automatically detect and insert the ID, so it seems something went wrong in this process. I will contact you via e-mail so you can share your files, in order to identify the issues. Thanks for your patience.



Problem Solved

In case forum users encounter this problem, this may help. Frank from technical support found that my data was not importing properly because of  the first two blank columns in the excel data file I prepared for importing into data manager. The import macro has been revised to take into account such empty columns, and now it imports correctly.

The program works wonderfully now.

Many Thanks!! 

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Thanks very much Ola for providing the solution here!

Regards, Frank