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Map Not Loading with StatPlanet Plus

I am using StatPlanet Plus with the Shaepfile Map version
I have created a new map with a new geo layer and the map is not displaying either on my local version or on the web.  The StatPlanet logo shows up and the loading counter goes to 100% and then it just says with the StatPlanet logo.  You can see what happens here -  http://www.civicyouth.org/maps/IDHE_States/Florida/StatPlanet.html 
I have reduced the map size to under 10MB (currently at 849KB) using the mapshaper.org resource and that did not work.  I tried to bring the layer into Quanttum GIS to reduce the size, but am having difficulty getting the layer to import propertly into that program.  I can continue to work on that, but thought I would see if there is any other possible problem. 
Other posts note problems with missing or misaligned items and I know in the past uploads of data got scrambled by my FTP program.  But I've downloaded the DBF file and it looks fine.

Any next steps or help would be most appreciated.

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Hi Felicia,
Unfortunately this is an inherent limitation of the software in terms of the maximum number of map areas. With more than 1000 or 2000 map areas, the software slows down significantly, and in the case of your map there are 4245 map areas. The map itself is otherwise ok.
Increasing the allowed loading time was tried to resolve the issue with your map, but at best, it could only load when only some of the areas are populated with data (with data for all 4245 map areas, it fails to load).
A solution for now would be to split the map into several regions - if possible - and load these maps separately in different versions of StatPlanet.
A new version of StatPlanet is under development which will have better support for such detailed maps. For details see: www.statsilk.com/software/statplanet-html5
Best wishes,

Thanks Frank for looking at it.  I had a feeling that there was some other issue that was preventing me from doing this.  I will talk to my team about the solutions you suggested.