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Map loaded but displayed as big point


I am using StatPlanet Plus trial version, I downloaded Lebanon_admin_3.zip from data.unhcr.org , I pasted the map.shp and map.db in the map folder.
I am getting all regions but cannot see the map.

Thanks for your help

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It sounds like there is either an issue in setting up the map, or otherwise the map regions in the map.dbf and map.shp may not correspond.

Did you run 'Setup shapefile map' in the StatPlanet Data Editor, selecting the Lebanon map.dbf in your StatPlanet map folder? Please also note that you need to copy your map files both in the 'main' directory as well as the 'web' directory (to run it in the desktop / web versions respectively). If this does not work, you could also try switching the 'Shpreader.swf' files as described here: http://www.statsilk.com/support/faq#blocky

If you are unable to resolve it, would you be able to share the exact link to where the map can be downloaded? Many thanks.



Many Thanks,

I Switched Shpreader.swf with Shpreader2.swf and got it working.

Thx a lot,

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Thanks for the update Catherine, glad this fixed it.