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Legend does not update for each year

Thank you for making such a great software freely available.
I am using StatPlanet Plus v3.2 to show timeline type of data (of course with modifications: I have sex groups instead of years).
I have put legend data ranges in MAP field in the data editor specific for each YEAR group (or in my case sex group). However, in teh final Flash screen, when I move across YEARS (i.e sex groups), the legend does NOT update based on the ranges in MAP field. It shows the same legend data ranges for all YEARs.

Could you please tell me if this feature is available in StatPlanet Plus 3.2?

Many thanks

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Hi Reza,

Thanks for your message. The maps purposely do not change when changing the year, in order to make comparisons over time (which is not possible if the map legends change when changing the year). However, I will look into enabling the map legend to be customized for each year for version 3.3.