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Kosovo and legend text with < > and %


my map is almost finished and it was fun but I have two questions I wasn't able to solve:

- Kosovo for whatever reason is not shown. I have added it to my european map like the others countries: it is in the "Regions" tab of my excel data manager. Since adding countries worked with all the other countries I'm wondering: is it possible that Kosovo was only added for the statplanet desktop version? If not, what can I check? It was automatically added in the setting .txt file to my defined region, but the excel file "region_list" does not contain Kosovo, maybe that's the reason?
- When I add a legend category with for exemple [> 3%] the legend in the graph only displays "> 3" without the unit, how can solve this issue? It looks like it doesn't recognize my text and only provide a legend based on the limit I set. Weirdly enough, if I write [> 300.000 GWh] it works and write the legend as I wish...
Here is an exemple of a legend configuration I want to have:
0=[0xCE4242][3][>3 %] 1=[0xD66060][2][2 % - 3 %] 2=[0xDE7E7E][1][1 % - 2 %] 3=[0xE69E9E][0.5][0,5 % - 1 %] 4=[0xFFE3E3][< 0,5 %]
Only the category 0 and 4 are an issue, the rest is displayed as I want like "1 % - 2%" for example. I tried ['>3%'] or [">3%"] but it doesn't work. If i write "Above 3%" then it works but the > and < signs would be very nice.

Thanks in advance for every possible help!

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Dear Elsa - sorry for the late response. Indeed the desktop version world map has Kosovo, it was custom designed for use by UN agencies. The cloud/web version relies on publicly available maps which typically exclude Kosovo. There may be one available online, typically in shapefile format which then needs to be converted to GeoJSON for use in StatPlanet cloud.

For adding countries in the graph, this is done by adding the country name in the sheet 'Import' . Kosovo is actually already there in StatPlanet Cloud even if the geographical boundaries are not in the map. Therefore, rather than adding your own Kosovo, you would need to use the existing column for your data in the sheet 'Import' (if you have two columns with Kosovo i.e. a duplication, it will pick the first, and hence if your data is in the second, it will not find it).

Regarding the symbols in the map legend, that needs to be looked into. But as you mentioned, for now it can be resolved by using text.
Hope this help you move forward.

Thanks for the reply!