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Increasing map resolution and proper Point coordinates

1st: I'm using shapefile of United Arab Emirates country (UAE) in StatPlanet Plus, but the boundaries are not smooth and appear as low resolution with rectangular edges. How can increase the resolution of the map?

2nd: I tried to put the Point coordinates manually in the sheet ‘Settings’ next to M-DOT-COORD using UTM projection like: City 1[x54.390361y24.260889], but it appeared in Canada !!!. While i moved (on the screen) these map points to UAE country location and copied map point coordinates, i found them like City 1[x235.75y59].
How i can convert UTM projection X,Y coordinates to the proper Point coordinates of StatPlanet?

3rd, After Save data, the map point names didn't added in the worksheet “Data” while their data is added. I have to add the point names manually.

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For the first issue, the instructions here should probably resolve it: http://www.statsilk.com/support/faq#blocky

For the second issue, StatPlanet does not use UTM coordinates but has its own coordinate system (which is the same system used for the non-shapefile editions of StatPlanet). Points can be dragged and dropped into place as explained here: http://www.statsilk.com/files/resources/User_Guide_StatPlanet.htm#_Toc37.... I agree, it would be useful to have that compatibility with UTM, but this would need to be a custom development to get this functionality implemented.

Sorry to hear about the third issue, this should not be happening. It could be that there is an existing name which it does not want to overwrite manually. If there is actually an empty space where the name should be saved but is not, would you be able to share the StatPlanet Data Editor via e-mail? The issue will then be looked into and resolved.



Dear Frank,
Thanks for your support. It is working fine for 1st issue.
I sent email to you with the following issues.
For the second issue, are there any tool or equation to convert the UTM coordinates to StatSilk coordinate system? because we have a lot of points and we have to insure their proper location.
3rd, when I used UAE shape file and added map points, these points are not appeared in the top left corner of the map as circle, even if I put their Point coordinates in ‘Settings’ next to M-DOT-COORD as [x235.75y59]. It appears only when i use world map.
4th, I tried Map overlays to display raster maps by adding f=[map01.swf] to use it as guide to allocate the points but this image is not appeared and cause the shapefile is not appear also until run the time slider - beside the screen size is going to the half.
Best Regards.

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[continued via e-mail]