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How to add multiple categories

I kindly ask for advice for how to add multiple categories, i.e. how do I design my excel sheet?
I am a Free Statplanet user.
Thank you

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Categories can only be added using StatPlanet Plus (free for non-commercial, desktop use). 
A useful guide to get started can be found here:
And see also other resources: http://www.statsilk.com/support/resources

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In the settings spreadsheet StatSilk Active Plus the box that says "Include category of indicators in the display names", and I and assigned in box category names (eg, health, education, employment, housing), but only appears in the health field, others are not. What should I do to make it right?


Thank you very much.

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<resolved via e-mail - resolved an issue in the structure of the categories in the StatPlanet Data Editor>