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Historical maps

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

on our server is running a licensed version of StatPlanet. We would like to create a historical map containing historical data. For visualizing the data, do we need ISO codes for the historical regions? Are there any?

Best regards,

A. Weber

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Dear A. Weber,

Do you need historical map boundaries? If you wish to display data on an old map with old/historical boundaries, you could try find one in shapefile map format (requiring the 'shapefile map' edition of StatPlanet Plus). A google search led to the following: http://nils.weidmann.ws/projects/cshapes

It is even possible to have changing map boundaries shown over time, but that would be more complicated. It would require overlaying the maps with different boundaries, as explained here: http://www.statsilk.com/maps/merge-multiple-map-layers-single-shapefile-....

I hope that helps.



Many thanks for your response. I'm still struggling with the shapefile format, I just cannot open the maps (R package is installed and it should work, everything seems to be properly set). Are there maybe alternatives for the mentioned format?

Thank you & best whishes

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I'm not familiar with using R, but the shapefiles are provided - there should be no need for the R package - have you tried setting up this map in StatPlanet? http://downloads.weidmann.ws/cshapes/Shapefiles/