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HELP: Cannot run StatPlanet web

When I try to run StatPlanet from Dropbox or other http location I get the following error message: "This page requires Flash Player version 9.0.45 or higher", but I have Flash Player 11.7.7 running on my machine.

The error is consistent across browsers, whether I run "StatPlanet_IE_security_bypass.html" or "StatPlanet.html."
If I try to run "StatPlanet.swf" the error message is "Unable to load content.swf."
If I try to run "content.swf" it just displays the the large Stat Planet logo across the screen (not grayed out) but never finishes displaying the map.

However, I can successfully execute any of these files from my filesystem (Win7, 64 bit).

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Pls advise ASAP. Thx.

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Regarding DropBox, this requires using their public folder feature, for more details please see:
Did it also not work in other locations? Did you try in the same browser the following page - http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ - and does it indicate that Flash Player 11.7.7 is installed?

It's resolved.  I was using the dropbox public folder and have version 11,7,700,169 installed.
I got it to work by removing all security and privacy restrictions in the browser, so it should be one of those.  No time to figure out which one...

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Great, thanks for the update.

Hi Frank,

I'm having the same problem and receiving the same error message. Dropbox no longer has a public folder option (you have to pay to be able to create Public folders now), so I'm just using the Share folder and Share link option. I'm on a Mac (OS X 10.8) and tried removing security and privacy restrictions from Safari as well. Do you have any other suggestions? It'd be great if we could make this work since I need to find a way to send it to PC users.

Many thanks,


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Hi Julie,
Yes it looks like Dropbox indeed stopped providing the public folder for free, unfortunately.

An alternative free solution is Google Sites. For details please see: http://www.statsilk.com/support/faq#google-sites



That worked--thank you!