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Error 1004 on mac

Hi Frank,
I have a mac and have dowloaded and extracted StatPlanet (not Plus) to my desktop. I can open the data editor and clear the data without a problem (macros are enabled), but when I try to import data I get: Run-Time Error 1004.
I know others have encountered this problem. I have uninstalled Skype and am not sure what to do next.
Here is the code that is highlighted when I click debug:
   DataFile = Application.GetOpenFilename("All files (*.*), *.*", , "Please select a file to import")
Any suggestions?

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Hi L,
This appears to be a known issue with Excel Mac. A workaround could be to replace the highlighted code with the following:
DataFile = Application.GetOpenFilename()
I hope that works. You would need to press the 'stop' button to stop the macro from executing in order to edit the code.