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Displaying a Custom Legend


I want to add a legend to my map that makes use of the 9 colour classes. All my data is discrete in jumps of 0.5. I have chosen HEX codes that I want to associate with the values in the legend, however I'm struggling to:

1) Work out how to have both ranges and discrete values in a legend (i.e. I want 0 to be white, and then ranges to grade out away from 0). I have listed my colours and ranges below:

0x1A9850 >10
0x66BD63 5-10
0xA6D96A 2.5-5
0xD9EF8B 0.5-2
0xFEE08B -0.5--2
0xFDAE61 -2--5
0xF46D43 -5--10
0xD73027 <-10

2) Work out where to input the HEX codes and the associated number into the settings.csv file. I have looked into the manual and it seems to suggest if I get a custom legend I can right click on it, and then paste it, but I'm not sure into which cell in the settings.csv file it needs to be pasted into. I have the following and have tried pasting this into the cell next to MAP-CLR0 but the map doesn't open.

0=[0x1A9850][10] 1=[0x66BD63][5] 2=[0xA6D96A][2] 3=[0xD9EF8B][1] 4=[0xffffff][0] 5=[0xFEE08B][-2] 6=[0xFDAE61][-5] 7=[0xF46D43][-10] 8=[0xD73027]

Any ideas? I am using StatPlanet Plus.

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The map code looks right but it shouldn't be pasted in the 'settings' sheet. It needs to be in the 'Import' sheet where your data is. You would then need to paste it into the 'MAP' column, in the same row as the indicator(s) for wish to assign this map legend. If you have data for several time periods, it only needs to be copied into the row(s) for the first (latest) time period. For more details please see http://www.statsilk.com/files/resources/User_Guide_StatPlanet.htm#_Toc37...



Ah! I see now! For anyone else who is just working with the files data.csv and settings.csv you need to add your custom legend to the data.csv file in the column where it says MAP (column G for me), in the same row as the appropriate INDICATOR. Hope that helps someone else out there :-)