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default year for time series

Hi Frank,
With time series data, I am trying set a default year for any given category.  The software seems to default to the most recent year (as expected).  However, when I try changing this under the options column, e.g. y=[2007-2008], this doesn't seem to change anything.  Furthermore, I noticed that the default year changes on toggling between different groups of categories, e.g. it may start with latest year (which is 2011-2012 in my dataset) but then suddenly switch over to an earlier year during the session. Is this a known problem is it more likely I am doing something wrong.
another very minor query ... is there an option to reduce the font size for the value of time that is displayed in the graphics window on playing the animation.  The default is quite big ... its not a major query - just curious
Thank you

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Hi Steve,
Setting the year currently only works with numbers / years / strings but unfortunately not with year ranges as in your case (as it attempts to extract a single year from the year range rather than recognizing it as a range). Thanks for pointing this out - the upcoming version will now support this, as well as any currently purchased/licensed version.
Regarding switching over to an earlier year, what happens is that when switching categories StatPlanet looks for the closest year in the newly selected category. For example if you are in category A, and selected year 2000, when switching to category B it will stay in the year 2000, or as close as possible if 2000 is not available. I hope that explains the behaviour you are seeing.