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Custom shpfile region wholly within a region

I have set up a custom shapefile for use with StatPlanet Plus and all data is loaded fine and displays in Statplanet Plus as expected, with the exception of one problem:

When you have a region wholly contained within another region (imagine a city perimeter surrounded by an entire county, it is not possible to solely highlight the "city" region on the map (the whole of the county including the city is highlighted, with corresponding data in the tooltip for the county).

How can this problem be overcome?

The data for the "city" region are loaded within StatPlanet Plus, confirmed by finding the City from the list of areas or the bar chart displayed with the maps.



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Hi James,

Sorry to hear about this issue. If I recall, some changes were made in a recent version of StatPlanet Plus to overcome such problems. Would you be able to test with the latest version (http://www.statsilk.com/files/software/StatPlanet_Plus.zip) to see if the problem still occurs? You should be able to use your old data files, and just replace/update the 'content.swf' in the web folder.



Thanks Frank, I will try that and let you know the outcome on this post.