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Available Functionality - Labels & Data Export Customizatoin

I am using StatPlanet Plus with the USA Map on at this site - www.civicyouth.org/maps/elections/.   have looked over the user guide, reviewed the setting options, and searched the forum prior to posting this request.

For the above referenced site I would like to do the following:

        1. remove data lables from the map, graph lines, scatter plot, and other displays

        2. prevent certain indicators from being shown in the data table and from being downloaded.

Are either of these things possible?

Thanks for your help.

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Hi Felicia,
Data labels on the map can be customized through the Data Editor, sheet 'settings', variables VIEW1, VIEW2, VIEW3 and VIEW4. To remove the data only (keeping name labels), VIEW4 needs to be set to FALSE.
Regarding data labels for graphs, do you mean the data values? These are not shown in graphs, except when moving the mouse over an area. 
To prevent data from showing in popups, the popups can be disabled (variable VIEW5).
Regarding certain indicators from showing in the table or being downloaded, that is not possible unfortunately. You can just prevent the table from showing, or prevent data export, but it would apply to all indicators. You may wish to put indicators with restrictions in a separate version of StatPlanet on the website.
I hope that helps,

This is all helpful. Thanks.