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Adding a 'No data' label to legend?


If you have a map with, say, two categories: Yes & No, on the legend you have categories for Yes & No, but that is it. Grey colour applies to 'no data', but there is no legend for it.

How would I get 'no data' to show up on the legend when there is no data inputted?


Do you know when the next version is due out, and will it be backwards compatible? :)

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You would actually need to assign a numerical value to no data, for example:

0=[0xE41A1C][Yes] 1=[No][Category 2] 2=[0xCCCCCC][No data]

In this example, anything with no data would need to have the value '2'.

Regarding the next version, it was planned for release this month but will likely be in December, as some additional features are being added.

For more details, please see http://www.statsilk.com/timeline-and-release-notes#2013