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Adding maps

Will STATPlanet Plus mark city locations on a map of the U.S.?
How can I add a U.S. Census map to STATPlanet Plus?

I imported a Census shapefile map into STATPlanet, but most of the data has no headers. What went wrong?

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StatPlanet Plus can only be used to display map areas/boundaries/polygons, so not locations or points. If you have a map where cities are marked as boundaries, they should be displayed (or alternatively GIS software may be able to convert points to polygons/boundaries). Otherwise cities need to be added manually via drag-and-drop as explained in the user guide, but this would entail a lot of work in your case.
Regarding 'no headers', assuming you mean during importing of your data file, you would need to ensure that the headers in your data file match up with the headers in the sheet 'Import names' of the StatPlanet Data Editor.