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Add a map point vs. alter shapefile?

Hi again Frank,

I'll move my questions back to the forum setting so others can benefit from your troubleshooting support!

I inherited a quasi-completed mapping project which consists of a map of Nunavut (a province in Canada). This province is subdivided into three regions, and within each region are multiple communities. I have opened up the shapefile map.dbf, and there is no boundary or category established for the province (Nunavut) - only the three regions and respective communities. There are some statistics I need to display that only exist for the province as a whole (again, which encompasses all the regions). I've looked for a different shape file, but without success...

What are my options? I've tried adding a map point to represent the province as one alternative, but although this added point (Nunavut), shows up in the dropdown menu of region options, there is no added map point on the map (and I have made sure there is data in this new category). When I click on the "Nunavut" category in the hierarchy in the dropdown menu, I'd like all three regions to pop up simultaneously, but I'm assuming I can't alter the shapefile at the .dbf level (to add in a new category)?




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Hi Elisabeth,

Sorry to hear about your difficulties in getting a map point to display. I'm not sure what you mean with the region showing up in the region menu drop-down. If you add a region in the 'map regions' sheet, it will appear in the drop-down menu but not as a map point. To add a map point, you need to add it at the end of row 2 in the sheet 'Import', and ensure there is data for the map point in at least one indicator (when clicking on 'Save data', the newly added name should also appear automatically in the sheets 'Import names' and 'Data'). In StatPlanet, the map point should be visible with (i) 'All regions' selected, which is the default, and (ii) the indicator and year/time-period selected which has data for that map point. If you want the map point to be visible when selecting a particular region in the region drop-down, you would need to add the name of that map point in the sheet 'Map regions'. Please note that when adding map points in this sheet (from column G onwards), there cannot be any commas in the name. If there is a comma in the name (as in for example "Macao, China"), then you would need to remove this comma just in the sheet 'Data', and in the sheet 'Map regions' (since the names in the sheet 'Map regions' need to correspond to the names in the sheet 'Data'). The comma can stay in the sheet 'Import', and that will be the actual display name. I hope that helps.