Although StatPlanet is also JavaScript-based like D3 and other popular libraries, it does not require any programming in order to use it. A company that would like to use D3, chart.js or similar library would need to have in-house programmers and data visualization experts. Alternatively, they would need to contract out the work to a company which provides this service. In contrast, StatPlanet dashboards can be developed in-house by any organization, as creating a dashboard does not require much technical expertise. Anyone with a bit of familiarity with Excel can use it to automatically set up a new map (if a map is required), and import their data. With some experience, a dashboard can be created using any data set in under an hour. From the point of view of efficiency, cost and sustainability (having the required expertise in-house), it is therefore advantageous to use StatPlanet if it meets your visualization needs. Organizations which require dashboards, but often lack the in-house expertise, include UN agencies, government organizations and research institutions - and these are the typical StatPlanet users. But many companies which do have this expertise in-house (such as companies providing analytics services, and Global 500 companies such as Dell, eBay and Samsung) have still opted for StatPlanet - because of its powerful visualization features, and the ease and efficiency with which dashboards can be developed.

Besides the easier entry-point, the software has the advantage of supporting many different types of visualizations out-of-the box, and providing a user-friendly interface to interact with and customize the visualizations. Moreover, the dashboard is completely customizable, through a drag-and-drop interface which enables you to move, hide and resize the different panels or dashboard components. More advanced customization options include styling, and customizing map legends and graph axes for any of the indicators. Such features would be very time consuming and costly to build from scratch with any of the JavaScript libraries. StatPlanet is therefore an out-of-the-box solution which requires little or no tinkering to produce the kind of dashboard you need to visualize and analyze your data.

StatPlanet is also the only dashboard software which supports SDMX (a form of XML) and can automatically visualize any SDMX query result, regardless of the source. For example, it can be used to visualize data from the World Bank, OECD, UNESCO, or any other online database with support for SDMX, providing access to thousands of indicators across all sectors.