StatPlanet Lite is an application for creating basic online interactive maps. For more advanced interactive maps and infographics, see also StatPlanet and StatPlanet Plus (which includes shapefile map support).

Getting started: World and USA map versions are included in the download. Maps of other countries, regions or districts require StatPlanet Plus. To download shapefile maps and learn more about how to set them up, see the shapefile maps section. Setting up a new map can be done in just a few minutes.

Insert your own data: The included StatPlanet Data Editor (Excel file) automates the importing of data. Data can also be manually inserted in the 'data'csv' file. For more information, please see the user guide included in the 'Docs' folder.

Customize: StatPlanet Lite can be used to create both quantitative and categorical maps, and the map legend and appearance can be completely customized.

Publish your interactive map online: Simply copy the files to your web-server and open 'StatPlanet.html' to see the results in a web-browser. Read more about publishing the map in a content management system.




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