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additional country on exported graph

While I suppose we're using the latest version of StatPlanet Plus, we've hit the following bug. Could you please state on its status on your side (known, being resolved and fix expected on [date], patch exists, ...)? Thanks!

. Select 2 countries.
. Click the Export (down arrow) icon
. Select 'Export graph'.

The exported graph contains information about a 3rd country that you have not selected (probably one that the mouse pointer hit when going to the Export icon).

The forum search is broken: if I search "export" in this forum, I don't find this post.

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Hi Patrick,
Thanks for reporting this issue. For the time-series graph, a country is selected 'temporarily' on moving the mouse over a map area. This can cause one to unintentionally select a country. You would need to clear the selection ('x' icon in the top-right corner) and select the two countries again without moving the mouse over a third country.

The new version to be released within the coming weeks has improved this mechanism by (i) enabling you to more easily remove a country from the graph by clicking on the corresponding line or label in the graph, and (ii) a new setting which can disable this temporary' selection on mouse-over. This new version is already available if a license is purchased.

The search works and it is listed among the results, but please note it takes an hour or so for new posts to be included in search results.

I hope that helps,