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Import - Custom Legends import issue

While importing data, the Legends data is not importing properly into the Editor file (under "MAP").
Imported as : 0=[0xff0000] 1=[0xff6633] 2=[0xff9933] 3=[0xffcc66] 4=[0xffff00] 5=[0xccff66] 6=[0x99ff33] 7=[0x00ff00] 8=[0x00cc00]
Should be : 0=[0xff0000][9] 1=[0xff6633][8] 2=[0xff9933][7] 3=[0xffcc66][6] 4=[0xffff00][5] 5=[0xccff66][4] 6=[0x99ff33][3] 7=[0x00ff00][2] 8=[0x00cc00]

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Hello Sue,
Currently the import macro is only intended for importing data by geographic area and not meta data (such as map legends, etc.) which need to be added once import has been completed. However this issue could be resolved quite easily by going to the sheet 'import names' and deselecting the checkbox "Remove numbers / footnotes from names".
Thanks for reporting this issue, it will be looked into for the next version.