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Map legend: how to set default custom value ranges

I realize we have three options for setting data ranges in a map legend (estimate best val distrib; max/min val; or manually by clicking the legend box on the UI).
But is there a way to fix a specific custom value for all or some of the ranges?   E.g.,

  • I've loaded % change data by country and only need 3 ranges. I'd like the middle one to always be -0.5 to 0.5 so anytime a user runs StatPlanet (locally or web) they would have that value fixed. 
  • This way I can standardize the interpretation and analysis regardless of what region or data set the user is looking at (of course, they could customize at will afterwards).

Is there a way to add this to the spreadsheet settings?

Pls disregard. I figured it out with the instructions on the the online user manual (I was only using the packaged pdf manual). 

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Hi Jose,
Thanks for the update. The online and PDF versions should be the same though (both were updated a few days ago).