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Could you help me about the character of korean??

I had used the 'shapefile map' version' - /StatPlanet_Plus/Shapefile_map_(ESRI)
and deleted the files 'settings.csv' and 'data.csv'.
To test if it is setup correctly, I had opened the file 'data.txt', I saw the correct charcters. - Hangul(korean char) or Chinese character.
and, I executed the file - StatPlanet.exe.
but, I cannot see any character. there is blanket and no character.
However, When I change the character from Korean or Chinese to Greek or Turkish in data.txt file, I can see the sentence.
I guess that it works the character which is in Text-Translations tab at StatPlanet_data_editor.xlsm file.
English French / Français 
Spanish / Español 
German / Deutsch 
Portuguese / Português 
Bahasa Indonesia 
Greek / ελληνικά 
Dutch / Nederlands 
Russian / русский 
Turkish / Türkçe 
Turkish - Latin alphabet 
Danish / Dansk Other
In short, I can use these characters.
How can I use the Korean character or Chinese character???
could you help me??
If I can use the korean character, I am interested in purchase this program.

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Sorry to hear about these difficulties. Would you be able to try the following new version of StatPlanet.exe, and replace the existing one:
This one has a special Korean font embedded which I hope resolves the issue.

Hi, Frank
I lavish praise on your work. thanks.
but, this file works only data.csv. it cannot work in data.txt.
I encountered the following messages.
Error #2044: ioError
at content_fla::MainTimeline/loadDataFile()
at content_fla::MainTimeline/completeHandlerSettings()
at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEventFunction()
at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEvent()
at flash.net::URLLoader/onComplete()
so, I changed the option of Data format from TXT to CSV. and then its program have worked.
but now also it appears the strange character. it's not blank.
I have seen the broken character.
I think that you had said to me "the files 'settings.csv' and 'data.csv' should be removed
and The international character sets can be used in TXT format."
How do you think?
This StatPlanet program is a tailor-made application for me. so I thank you so much.
I am working the Kyeonggi-do Province Office of Education under Ministry of Education in Korea.
and I want to service the education statistic map using your Appication to people.
I linked the uploaded files.
File - Download
If you have your spare time, Could you execute this file??
In this StatPlanet_data_editor.xlsm file, I inputed the Hangul-Korean Character.
one more, could your help me?

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Apologies for the issue, the file has been updated and now works without any issues with the data.txt and settings.txt files, if you could download it again:
It was tested with your StatPlanet Data Editor and at this end the Korean fonts showed up correctly.

Thanks Frank for your reply and help, it has done good for me.
we soon will purchase this StatPlanet Plus. thanks~