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Help w/family tree project

Hey guys,
I'm working on making a family tree for our tenth family reunion, and I'm hoping StatPlanet can help. What I want to do is have a world map, and where each member of the family lives, have a pin. Each pin, if clicked, would have the connection from that family member to the other pins in other parts of the world. Example: If Jane Doe livs in Grand Rapids, USA, and her sister lives in Mumbai, India, clicking on the pin will open highlight the connection. Is that something StatPlanet can help me do? If so, where can I get instructions? If not, is there a program that you know of that can do that?

Thank you,

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That's a really nice idea, but unfortunately not something that can be done with StatPlanet. You can display 'map points' / circles (so similar to pins), or color parts of the world map according to how many family members live there, but you cannot make connections between them. You could add popup messages to the map points though to describe this connection. Sorry I don't know of any software that would enable this. Best of luck with your project,